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F L A T I R O N Women | Mardi Doherty

Mardi Doherty in FLATIRON

F L A T I R O N Women | Mardi Doherty

In this series, we team up a stellar collection of women who we admire for their unique personal style and the way they celebrate their individuality through what they wear.  
We get to know them a little more and explore their take on FLATIRON.

Award winning interior designer, Mardi Doherty, is a FLATIRON friend who feels like sunshine in our veins. Warm, gracious and truly genuine, she radiates a joie de vivre that she also brings to the way she dresses.
Recently, we visited Mardi on site at one of her current projects to see her unique take on some of her favourite FLATIRON pieces. 

Aimee Lipscombe
Mardi Doherty in FLATIRON

I am... a contradiction! 
Extremely passionate but also quite relaxed.
Inquisitive but also very accepting.
I love to go to parties with loud music and also love to be by myself in silence.

A typical day in my life sees me... up around 5am to exercise or discuss details for our renovation with my builder husband, Trent. We treasure this quiet time before the demands of the day commence.

Once the kids are awake it's ON! It’s getting them to school, and then moving onto work - on any given day that will include workshopping ideas with our team, problem solving across multiple building sites, dreaming, picking up kids from school, and then opening up the fridge hoping for a fully cooked meal to bounce out at me! It rarely does!

Mardi Doherty in FLATIRON

A career highlight... was being a designer on the interiors of The National Gallery at Federation Square for 3 years, and then finally seeing people use and interact with the space when it opened in 2002. As a designer it’s the ultimate joy to see people use the spaces you’ve had a part in designing.

Since then, another highlight has been running my own business, and building a team of designers who are passionate about their craft. I’m constantly amazed at what our collective heads can come up with. Seeing the projects we have completed, but more importantly the relationships that we have built, including with suppliers, builders, craftsman, artists and clients has been very rewarding.

In the design world I admire… people who are courageous, brave, and who continue to push new ideas. I also admire designers who can collaborate successfully, across different genres of design, from fashion, interior design, architecture and graphic design. People like Lucy Feagins, stylist Megan Morton and designer Brem Perera come to mind.

Mardi Doherty in FLATIRON

My personal style... reflects my overall aesthetic which is bold yet restrained, sophisticated and a bit playful. I regularly move from client meetings to muddy building sites so my clothes need to work for both. Pants are my go-to because I can often be up a ladder, or squeezing through small dark spaces. Dressing practically but still representing my style is important.

My style mantra is... Happiness looks gorgeous on you. Oh, and never underestimate the value of a good pair of earrings.

What brings me JOY… A great song turned up really loudly in the car, morning cuddles with Chilli and Bonnie (our 2 daughters), running and diving into the ocean, spending time with friends, and returning home after the cleaners have been!

Mardi Doherty in FLATIRON

My favourite piece in FLATIRON’s latest collection is... the Dune top in bright blue. It’s a perfect transition piece between spring and summer. The detailing on the arm is beautiful, and the colour is fabulous and joyous.

What I love about The FLATIRON Label is... the quality of their garments, and the unexpected detailing, like a pleat, a puff shoulder, a tuck, or a statement sleeve. It’s this attention to detail that appeals.

I have pieces that were purchased from FLATIRON five years ago that I sill wear and cherish. I love the longevity of their pieces and that they’re all made locally.

I also enjoy visiting the shop because it has a friendly energy and Pen and Sam clearly love what they do.

I am excited about... so many things; starting our renovation, buying a new pair of ugg boots (my current pair have been very busy in 2020!) enjoying a buffet breakfast (assuming they still exist post covid?!) cruising the Whitsundays in 2021, and starting new fabulous projects at work.

Discover our latest collection, Ode to Joy
Follow Mardi at Doherty Design Studio.
F L A T I R O N Women Ode To Joy

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