F L A T I R O N Women | Simone Haag

F L A T I R O N Women | Simone Haag


 Photographed by Sharyn Cairns

F L A T I R O N Women | Simone Haag

A unique series spotlighting women who wear life well.
Together we talk day-to-day style, what drives them, how they do down time and all their must-know discoveries along the way…


Our FLATIRON Woman this month is Simone Haag. A true trailblazer of Australian style, Simone doesn’t follow trends, but instead works instinctively creating warm, layered spaces that reflect the personalities of her clients within each project. We have long admired Simone’s breadth of work and personal approach to every project she tackles. Staying true to her style and values in all she curates and creates. Here she talks to us about the power of manifestation, the importance of homeliness and her favourite compliment so far!


Do you have a daily mantra? 
“I am sure I have multiple. I am big on manifestation, but above all else, my daily mantra is to be kind and lean in and when all else fails, take one day at a time.”


What is one comfort piece that always makes a house a home?
“A big splurge for me is bedding – quality toppers, silk pillows, the best sheeting I can find and cashmere blankets that are generous in their size to drape on the floor.  There’s a very tangible return on investment there, and such a source of homeliness.”


What’s the best compliment you could receive?
“Ha ha – I did the other day when conveniently wearing The FLATIRON Label backless top – “that is the best back I have seen in ages”.


Are there elements within interiors that you look for within fashion?
“Age appropriate, quality construction, natural materials and layered well. I love when I come into the store and the team style the way I wear a garment. There is an effortless chic that is easy to overlook, but the right belting, a rolled sleeve, an off the shoulder moment, all contribute to the Flatiron aesthetic.” 

 Photographed by Lillie Thompson



What would you tell your younger self about shopping for fashion?
“I really wish I had frequented op shops in areas like Toorak and Armadale as a teenager – and nabbed some classics rather than opting for the fast (and primarily polyester) fashion of the late 90s!”


NETFLIX or a novel? What is your latest obsession?
“Boy Swallows Universe was fantastically addictive. I don’t read as much as I should, but am very happy to download an audio book – they tend to be of the self-development variety!”


Fave The FLATIRON Label piece? 
This dress! Effortlessly cool, comfortable and mirroring the palette of my beloved Tacchini Le Muir chairs.”


Indoor or outdoor exercise? 
“A combo! Pilates and PT for the heavy lifting and forest walks near my home for solace. Surfing and snowboarding are up there in the outdoor department – but surely they don’t count as exercise, rather quality time with the family.”


Why is slow fashion important to you?
“Less is more – although in saying that, you should see how overflowing my robe is – ha ha  - actually you have seen how overflowing my robe is!”


Sliding door moment?
“For where I am right now… Cold calling for a design job with zero qualifications, and timing that brilliantly with a position opening up.”


How does Australian fashion compare to international peers?
“Less requirement for logos plastered across garments. Australian fashion has a quiet confidence where silhouettes speak louder than words.”
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Photographed by @mandycouzens 


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