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F L A T I R O N started from one summer dress Sam designed for her own wardrobe. ”I walked into a boutique wearing this piece one day and the owner asked to see the rest of the range.”

Already running a successful interior styling business with Penny, the creative's decided to collaborate on a few more pieces they would love to personally own, and showcased them in salon-style sessions to peers and friends.

“The reaction could not be ignored and we knew we had hit a hole in the market,” Penny adds.

Six years on the range still demands this attention due to the girls staying true to their personal style. This is something the sisters know that their loyal clientele have now grown to trust.

“Each piece must work with the others – from seasons past also – so that the brand continues to evolve as an essential, one-stop answer for any modern, contemporary woman.”

“At the core of our brand is our service,” Sam adds. We don’t want you to buy off the rack. We strive to show you how each style can be worn when it gets home so you can treasure it, wear it with several combinations and enjoy it for years to come”, says Sam.

F L A T I R O N is an ethically and locally made label. The girls are conscious of maintaining its exclusivity, so rather than manufacturing massive units of each style four times a year, they keep runs small and multi-seasonal anchored with twice yearly signature seasonal ranges.

Style takes time and consideration, which is what the girls throw at the label with abundance. “We don’t do fast fashion, or disposable pieces” Sam insists. F L A T I R O N is built on quality, versatility and timelessness, Penny adds. “ In an industry full of white noise and fast fashion, F L A T I R O N provides timeless luxury and quality.”

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