F L A T I R O N Women | Nicole Adolphe

F L A T I R O N Women | Nicole Adolphe


F L A T I R O N Women | Nicole Adolphe

A unique series spotlighting women who wear life well.
Together we talk day-to-day style, what drives them, how they do down time and all their must-know discoveries along the way…


Our FLATIRON Woman this month is Nicole Adolphe, Head of Style at The Iconic. Since cutting her teeth as Fashion Editor on titles including Elle, Dolly, CLEO, Cosmo and more across her extensive career, Nicole continues to inspire as one of the country's most sought after style setters.

This Bondi-based mum chats to The FLATIRON Label about her life mantras, must-have fashion items, and advice to her younger self.


Eternal Swimsuit | Wherever I Lay Summer Towel


When are you most productive, and why?
I procrastinate a lot so I am always the most productive after I’ve spent a bit of time exercising, clearing my headspace and daydreaming. I generally get my head in that creative head space. I’d say about 11am!

One item of clothing you can’t do without right now?
My black t-shirts get worn the most in my wardrobe. I pair them back with anything new such as wide leg pants, midi-length skirts and shorts.

What is your most shared mantra?
I have two I live by: ‘Opportunity is never lost, someone takes the one you miss’ and secondly, ‘You are, right now, exactly where you are meant to be, even if that is not clear until its past’.


Nicole with Emma from The FLATIRON Label. Photography: @thefourthcreative

Why is slow fashion so important to you?

I love knowing that each garment is made ethically and not just on a production line overseas. As I get older and have different priorities I love knowing that a piece will last more than one season.

What would you tell your younger self about shopping for fashion?
Keep your luxury items and take better care of them rather than just jump on every fast fashion trend.


Tranquillo Bralette Denim | Wide Leg Jean 


Netflix or a novel? What’s your current obsession?
Netflix. Currently watching The 100 again.

I love these wide leg denim jeans. They look dressier than jeans because they are tailored.

What’s the best lifestyle change you’ve ever made?

Dedicating an hour to myself every morning and not letting phone calls or emails interrupt that. Another was allowing my son to be on what I call the ‘Euro Schedule’, of having dinner only when it’s dark and staying up late. This allowed me to not feel pressured into that 7pm kids bedtime routine - and also allowed me to have a life. I absolutely recommend yoga as well for clearing your headspace...


What is one piece of style advice you wish every woman knew?
That it’s about how you wear it rather than the label or the price tag. That you can take a trend and wear it in a way that suits your own body shape rather than copy a head to toe look.

What’s the best compliment you could receive?
You have great energy!

Next on the bucket list?
Paris Fashion Week.


Images courtesy of @nicoleadolphe 


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