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F L A T I R O N Women | Natalie Bloom

FLATIRON Women | Natalie Bloom
Artwork by @lewismiller_painter

F L A T I R O N Women | Natalie Bloom

In this series, we profile a stellar collection of women we admire for their unique personal style and how they celebrate their individuality through what they wear, do, and discover.
We get to know them a little more and invite you to do so as well!

Today, we speak with FLATIRON WOMAN Natalie Bloom.

What's not to love about Nat? This Aussie treasure is a successful businesswoman, a devoted mother, a Kombucha and Beekeeping obsessive, a self-described Francophile, and a doyenne of design.

Passion underpins everything Natalie Bloom does. Shortly after launching Bloom Cosmetics at the age of 22, cult status came quickly. But international and local acclaim for the natural beauty brand collided with Natalie's growing family. Although she now reflects on an exciting and intense learning period during the heady '90s, a shift in the once robust retail landscape and a desire to be the mother she wanted to be, saw Bloom Cosmetics go entirely online 10 years ago.

Nat could breathe - and balance life - again.

Since then, Natalie has continued to wear many hats and live many lives! Raising four children, returning to her passion for art and cooking, and continually building the Bloom Cosmetics brand with meticulous attention to detail, here she chats about her greatest career highlight, how she chooses an outfit and what still brings her joy.

Photography: Kate Collingwood



I am passionate about... too many things! I love cosmetics, makeup, natural ingredients, packaging, healthy food, healthy cooking, and creating Kombucha. I learn French, draw, and paint. I cherish time in my garden and after recently renovating our home. I'm obsessed with vintage furniture and beautiful fabrics. As a mother of four, I never have enough time between business and hobbies. Oh, and did I mention I became a beekeeper recently too?

A day in my life... is always packed but varied. No two days are alike. I try and start the day with exercise or yoga before getting the kids off to school. These days I've got a bit more balance between work and creative nourishment and have finally managed to incorporate painting as a regular part of my weekly routine.

My greatest career highlight was... when leading beauty retail chain, Sephora launched in the United States in 1998 - Bloom was there! It was an incredible opportunity at the time for an Australian brand to be part of the Sephora retail revolution."

My most inspiring personal achievement will be... conquering oil painting. After decades of creative time spent on design and branding for Bloom, this is a new challenge.



When I choose an outfit, I... look for pieces I can wear to work and feel great in but don't feel ridiculous when I pick the kids up. I love to incorporate colour or pattern in my wardrobe. I need to wear clothes that are made well with quality fabrics. Well-made clothes that will last the distance versus trends is key for me.

My essential The FLATIRON Label piece is... the Black linen wide-legged pants. I wear them every day with a different shirt or jumper and with or without a blazer.

My go-to pieces are... the ones that save me time when I’m getting ready. It’s important to have some basics that I can grab and interchange. At the moment, I'm living in high-waisted, wide-legged pants that I can mix back with any top. And a great linen blazer that can be thrown over a casual top with jeans or teamed up with a skirt is essential. An impeccably tailored blazer is one style staple I can't do without.





On a day off, you'll find me... in my kitchen cooking up a healthy storm or in my studio reading, drawing, or painting.

I shop in-store and online because... even though I hardly ever have time to shop, I prefer heading to boutiques to get some styling tips, and then I can top up online.

My style can be described as... classic and eclectic. I like well-tailored, timeless cuts with a bit of a twist.


FLATIRON Women | Natalie Bloom


I admire women who... are genuinely passionate, who have a spark in their eyes and intelligence or curiosity. I love women who have a unique sense of style and wholeheartedly embrace their quirks, both inside out.

I still get great joy from... creating new products for Bloom. It is an intense process, but when I finally see a product I've been working on for a year come to fruition, it never disappoints. We've recently launched a new Primer. It's Made in Italy and is the ultimate new generation formula for a fresh face. I don’t go a day without the new Bloom Brow Pencil either!

My favourite element of The FLATIRON Label is the fabrics, cuts, and styling elements that make The Flatiron Label pieces unique. Penny and Sam’s style gives the brand a special element that is missing from so many brands on the market.

If I didn’t live in Melbourne, you would find me in Paris. I'm a complete Francophile. I step foot on French soil and instantly feel nourished on every level. I love being surrounded by the French language, art, fashion, and style. It makes my heart sing. However, I passionately love Melbourne, and there's no place like home.



Bloom Perfect Primer is available for a limited time at The Flatiron Label Armadale Store.


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FLATIRON Women | Natalie Bloom 


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