Like many others, the Australian fashion industry and the thousands of people it employs is currently under threat, to raise awareness and to continue to support Australian designers and makers in these uncertain times, we have joined our friends and local industry to encourage our community to shop local first.

We are incredibly proud to be all Australian owned, designed and ethically and sustainably made. Supporting The F L A T I R O N Label at this time means supporting all who contribute to this brand and are part of our story.


The F L A T I R O N Label online store remains operational with FREE shipping.

To mirror your support F L A T I R O N will donate to Thread Together who assist people in need in our community through its mission to reclaim fashion, reduce landfill and renew dignity. Thread Together works with the fashion industry and not for profit organisations to provide clothing for people in need, with the opportunity to choose pieces that best suit their circumstances and personal style.

We are so incredibly grateful for your continued support of The F L A T I R O N Label especially in these ever changing times.

Take care,
Pen and Sam