F L A T I R O N is proudly designed and made in Australia by Melbourne sisters Penny Duggan and Sam Scally.


Offering a completely hands-on design and styling approach, together the sisters have built this brand alongside the needs of their customer, resulting in an increasingly renowned range of multi-seasonal separates.

The clean, classic lines that Penny loves work perfectly back with the unique, short-run fabrics and textures Sam specialises in. With these strengths in mind, the girls don’t put a pencil to paper at the beginning of the process without the other there. The sister’s dual style sensibilities then form one fixed vision, to deliver strong, contemporary high-quality fashion that the F L A T I R O N client demands and deserves.

The hero of F L A T I R O N is the details, the ‘get-stopped-on-the-street’ differences.

F L A T I R O N does not run with the rest of the fashion pack. Penny and Sam’s customers are constantly relaying stories of being complimented on their pieces. This humble, increasingly growing word-of-mouth message is reflective of the girl’s intent to keep the range genuine, subtle, and yet outstanding.