Our Ethos

The Flatiron Label is the antithesis of fast fashion.

As an ECA accredited label, every piece of fabric used, its origins, and manufacturing process from pattern to completion - plus the fair working standards of the creative team who chart its evolution - is transparent and ethical.

In our minds, there is no room for fast fashion and the disregard for the environment, workers, and materials that currently permeates the industry. As a small business, we focus on creating quality products over mass manufacturing.

Each Flatiron Label design is borne of versatility and longevity. We create forever wardrobe additions rather than an option for only one season. A seasonal calendar does not dictate our designs. Our commitment to a more sustainable industry is continuous.

Our collections incorporate only repurposed stock fabric, organic and traceable natural fabrics. We produce to demand, releasing regular small collection injections to achieve 100% sell-through and minimal waste. We do not use plastic in delivery or warehousing and recycle all our hangers.

Our ECA (Ethical Clothing Australia) approval is a testament that small enterprises can experience genuine success through a strong and considered supply chain and conscious business practices. It inspires us to immerse ourselves in ethical manufacturing further, making small but significant changes towards a more sustainable future.